About Us


Converge IoT is a national distributor of 4G/5G LTE
hardware, software and connectivity.


Converge IoT is a National Distributor and Value Added Reseller of Wireless Hardware & Services

We actively work with major wireless carriers T-Mobile, Verizon and ATT via their Co-Sell models supplying non-stock equipment, software, solutions and professional services.

With a speciality in Fixed Wireless and 5G/4G Routers, we can provide the right 5G Router to support Fixed Wireless/Business Internet, Vehicle/Mobile Routers, IoT Routers, as well as Marine.  We can Stage/Kit/Configure, Professionally Install and Provide Managed Help Desk Support post deployment.

In addition to Routers & Connectivity our expertise covers a wide range of products and solutions, including Mobile Device Management, New and Certified Pre-Owned Tablets, Handsets, Hotspots, Connected Laptops, USB Modems, Connected Cameras, and Push to Talk.  We offer Professional Staging/Deployment/Managed Help Desk for all our solutions.

Our Agent Program allows for Resellers, Independent Sales Agents, Integrators, Telecom Expense Management Firms, and Referral Partners to work with Converge IoT to support end customer solutions integrating 5G/4G Wireless Devices, Services and Connectivity.  We pay out commissions as fast as any Distributor out there and provide an array of support services such as Carrier Programs to earn Activation Commissions, Wholesale Equipment Sourcing, Staging & Kitting Services. Professional Installation and Managed Help Desk Services.