Inseego Connect

Configure, manage and monitor your entire geographically distributed fixed or mobile device deployment from your seat.

Inseego Connect


Inseego Connect is the new, multi-tiered, configuration and monitoring platform provided by Inseego. Customers can monitor device health and status with powerful dashboards and insightful diagnostics. Keep an eye on your data usage and set alerts to notify of overages. Remotely configure devices, individually or in bulk, and eliminate costly truck rolls.




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Contact Inseego customer support (Toll Free) at 877-698-6481

Inseego Connect Features

Device configuration

  1. View and edit all device settings.
  2. Bulk configure groups of devices with setting templates.
  3. Initiate firmware updates.
  4. Remotely reboot and factory reset devices.
  5. Schedule updates for planned maintenance windows. *


Device groups

  1. Logical groups for simplified device management.
  2. Static and dynamic group definitions. *


  1. Overview of inventory, data usage, and active alarms.
  2. Map view of all devices.

User management

  1. Easily add and delete users.
  2. Configurable role-based user permissions.
  3. Control user/device visibility with a graphical hierarchy.
  4. Track user activity with audit logs.

Device data and diagnostics

  1. Inventory data (model, firmware, IMEI, MAC, PTN).
  2. Network data (carrier, data usage, signal strength).
  3. Hardware data (GPS, battery stats, GPIO readings).
  4. Identify trends with configurable charts.
  5. 90 days of data storage.


Connected clients

  1. Insight into connected devices (hostname, MAC, IP). *
  2. Monitor data usage to identify noisy clients. *


  1. Run reports d-hoc or set repeating run schedule.
  2. Select recipients for emailed reports.


  1. Set alarm priority and schedule when active. *
  2. Monitor individual or groups of devices.
  3. Select recipients for in-app and email alerts.
  4. Includes geofence alerts to detect device movement. *