healthcare case study

About The Client
The client provides virtual health management (telehealth) for patients and connects them to their clinical care team through a web-based application.
The client utilizes a low-cost tablet to run their proprietary application in conjunction with a medical device within the patients’ homes. The client does not want to rely on the patients’ in-home Wi-Fi to connect the tablet, and does not want patients to access applications other than their application and the camera for video conferencing.
Samsung J3 Prime and J3 Star handsets, Samsung Knox Manage MDM, military-grade cases, and First Call Wireless managed services.
Solution Highlights
The client previously selected the Samsung Tab E and tested this model in the field. This model can be sourced continuously, and newer models can be used as a substitute if supply runs low (i.e. Samsung Tab A). Client requirements for the MDM profile were minimal and could have utilized a simple low-cost MDM; but because of HIPAA compliance, the client opted for Samsung Knox Manage.
Results Highlights
The client’s initial deployment of 200 devices is currently taking place. The client has a projected volume of 300-400 devices deployed per month and will require reverse logistics from First Call Wireless when patients are done using the medical device.