retail case study

About The Client
The client is a national carrier of specialized cargo, moving predominantly service-sensitive freight in state-of-the-art dry vans or reefers for frozen and chilled commodities. They have developed a growing customer base that requires prompt reliable service when time is of the essence.
The client has a fleet of 250 customs-bonded and Haz-Mat-certified trucks. Cargo is usually of high value and the client wants added security and safety measures.
Alcatel Joy tablet, 42Gears MDM, and a stationary mount.
Solution Highlights
The client is utilizing our partner, Fleet Hoster, for trailer trackers, asset trackers, cold chain trackers, and dash cams. The solution requires a mounted tablet in the haul of the truck to monitor each component. Converge IoT sourced the mount directly from the manufacturer for additional cost savings and deployed 250 tablets over a 14-day period. Deployment was staggered to not overwhelm the installers. The client requires help-desk support for truckers in the field.
Results Highlights
1101 lines of service (at least 845 on Sell-With), 256 dashcams with two aux cameras each (provided by Fleet Hoster), 236 trailer trackers (provided by Fleet Hoster), 97 reefer cold chain trackers (provided by Fleet Hoster), 256 Geotab vehicle trackers (provided by carrier), and 256 tablets provisioned by Converge IoT.