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we make 5g solutions easy for you

Converge IoT is a National Distributor of Wireless Hardware, Software, Connectivity, and Professional Services. As a T-Mobile Distributor we onboard VARs and Agents who would like to either promote their solutions to T-Mobile For Business customers, or who would like to add 4G or 5G Connectivity to their solution.

Among our services you can find:

Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG) is the industry leader in 5G Enterprise cloud WAN solutions with millions of
end customers and thousands of enterprise and SMB customers on its 4G, 5G and cloud platforms.
Inseego’s 5G Edge Cloud combines industry’s best 5G technology, rich cloud networking features and
intelligent edge applications. Inseego powers new business experiences by connecting distributed sites and
workforces, securing enterprise data and improving business outcomes with intelligent operational
visibility—all over a 5G network.

Among our products you can find:

Social Mobile is a mobility solutions provider focused on providing services critical to organizations looking to deploy and/or bring to market innovative mobile products. We design, engineer, and manufacture turnkey solutions that enable our clients to bring smart devices to market quickly and efficiently, while also taking the burden of deploying and supporting these devices off their plate. 

Among our solutions you can find:



Tractor Supply deploys FW2000E

More than 1000 FW2000e were processed and installed for the store Tractor Supply, in partnership with T-Mobile and Converge IoT
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Social Mobile


Discover the RHINO T5se and how Social Mobile worked with MediaTek to design and manufacture a handheld, lightweight device made to power the future of retail.
Logistics Expands Direct Consumer Fulfillment Solution

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Inseego FW2000e

MSRP: $1,439.00


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Hardware Sourcing

At Converge IoT we Stock, Stage/Kit, Install & Manage 5G Routers for your business needs.

We also specialize in fully managed Mobile Device Management solutions.

Some of the OEMs we work with are:

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Professional Installation

We like to make things easy for you, that’s why we offer professional installation so you can optimize your devices and make your connection even better without any hassle.

Our team of experienced Service Technicians ensures that your devices are placed in the best-coverage area of your business, making sure everything is installed the right way and that you have a stable and efficient wireless connection.

Click here to find out more:

Trust Services Cyprus, International Trust Formations

Managed Services

5G coverage and speeds are transforming business operations. It is critical to ensure that your
5G Fixed Wireless network is optimized. This includes proactive network monitoring, organizing groups/profiles/configurations and much more. Converge IoT offers tremendous Managed Service value at affordable pricing.

We offer multiple packages to meet your specific business needs.

Click here to find out more:

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mobile device management

Remotely control, secure, and enforce policies in your fleet of wireless devices. At Converge IoT we do all the staging, kitting and configuration of your mobile fleet to make the process easy for you.

  • Setup configuration of Apple Business Manager, Apple DEP, Samsung KME and Android Enterprise

  • Customize with your logo

  • Add the apps you want and need to get the job done

  • Eliminate apps that are not needed

  • Set permissions

  • Post-deployment, update all devices with a few keystrokes

Wavemaker FX2000 series

The Wavemaker 5G indoor router FX2000 series is a
compact, plug-and-play fixed wireless solution that delivers 5G/LTE broadband with ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for up to 32 devices — ideal for small businesses and distributed employees who need fast,
reliable, secure internet access

Gigabit-class 5G and LTE speeds
Delivers fast internet access to business and enterprise customers worldwide with breakthrough 5G and 4G LTE speeds.

Superior connectivity
Designed with multiple connection options, the FX2000 series provides dual-band Wi-Fi 6 for up to 30 connected devices and an ethernet LAN port.

Enterprise-grade security
Provides OpenVPN, access control, end-to-end device security, threat identification, monitoring and threat alerts and other protections.

Mobile and cloud device management
Use the Inseego Mobile App to install and get connected quickly. The Inseego Connect cloud-based solution enables advanced remote device management for multiple FX2000 series devices from a single user-friendly

Wavemaker FG2000 series

The Wavemaker 5G indoor router FG2000 series brings unprecedented broadband speeds to home and business premises. With Wi-Fi 6 technology it supports up to 128 Wi-Fi connections and direct ethernet connections

Fast, reliable performance
Strong RF performance and antenna design provide superior coverage and throughput.

Superior connectivity
Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 for up to 128 connected devices, multiple ethernet LAN ports and a 1 Gbps WAN port.

Adaptive and flexible
Global, multi-carrier and private network support for up to two carrier SIMs with auto-switching based on signal strength, data usage, service availability and quality.

Safe and secure
Enterprise-grade security that includes WPA3 Wi-Fi security support, AES 256 encryption, password protection, primary and guest networks, Open VPN and IPsec VPN.

Mobile and cloud-based device management
Optimize placement and manage settings with the easy-to-use Inseego Mobile App, or subscribe to Inseego Connect for advanced remote device management and the ability to configure and manage multiple devices from a single user-friendly platform.

Wavemaker FW2000e series

The Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2000 series uses high-gain directional antennas to extend the reach of carrier networks, providing 5G fixed wireless access (along with 4G LTE fallback at LTE CAT-22 speeds) to serve customers in more places

High gain antennas
Sophisticated antenna array delivers longer range and higher data throughput at all distances.

Fast 5G connectivity
Delivers fast 5G speeds, higher bandwidth, and low latency to more suburban and rural locations.

Advanced networking and security – Advanced networking features including Secure Firewall, DMZ, MAC Filtering, IP Passthrough, VPN Passthrough, Manual DNS, Port Filtering and Port Forwarding.

Device management + Inseego Connect™
Remote device management capabilities for a single device included, plus tiered upgrade options (additional charges may apply).

Inseego Mobile app
Convenient mobile app that helps installers find the optimal mounting location and provides easy access to device settings.


The Inseego MiFi® X PRO 5G is powerful, secure and
equipped with everything you and your business need to work, create, and communicate.

Performance: Advanced 5G feature
Advanced 5G features such as SRS Antenna Switching and 5G carrier aggregation (NRCA) combined with our proprietary antenna design and performance algorithms deliver an unrivaled experience with 5G speeds up to 1 Gbps and exceptionally low latency.

Security: Connect with confidence

Enterprise-grade security features such as Open VPN, VPN pass-through and static IPs using static SIMs, enable seamless remote access to a company’s network.

Flexibility: One-the-go and 24×7 operation
Tethered or untethered, mobile or stationary, the MiFi X PRO 5G offers convenient connectivity options with 1 Gbps Ethernet port, USB-C port and Wi-Fi 6. And, with our all new proprietary battery preservation mode, the MiFi X PRO 5G can be used in 24×7 use cases with AC power.

Reliability and reach
Go farther, longer – Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 with primary and guest networks, support for up 32 Wi-Fi connections and a Wi-Fi range of up to 35 feet. The quick-rechargeable, powerful battery keeps multiple devices connected all day.

Usability: Easy to setup and manage
Setup and manage the MiFi X PRO 5G using the Inseego Mobile app. Subscribe to Inseego Connect™ for a full suite of remote management capabilities from a single web-based dashboard.

Wavemaker S2000 series

The Wavemaker S2000 series brings the best of 5G to a wide range of enterprise environments, from factories and warehouses to ports, fleets and smart city networks.

Ultra-reliable 5G connectivity for industrial networks
The S2000e supports public and private networks worldwide. It can connect to routing systems or remote endpoints via ethernet or USB via DHCP (router mode or modem mode) to enable a broad range of use

Continuous, 24/7 multi-gigabit connectivity
Advanced thermal management, WAN management and dual-SIM management with active keep-alive ensures your business stays connected.

Enterprise-grade security
Strong device security, encryption, content filtering and more.

Remote device management with Inseego Connect™
The S2000e supports Inseego Connect™ remote device management for individual and SMB users as well as large fleets of deployed devices.* *additional charges may apply.

Flexible deployment and reliable failover
Avoid downtime, data usage overage charges and data speed throttling with software-controlled auto switching between two different carrier SIMs.

Packaging the Future with Automation

Managed Mobility Services

Simplify management of your mobility deployments.
We’ll handle the day-to-day management of your fleet so that you can focus on your core business.

Social Mobile and its partners have global expertise in managing large mobility deployments. We work to fit seamlessly into your business, empowering your workforce with the right technology, and allowing you to scale your mobile environment as your business needs change.

Three women work on computer

Social Mobile ONE

Social Mobile ONE is our Device-as-a-Service offer that bundles your hardware, peripherals, and services into a monthly, per-device subscription fee.
Social Mobile ONE lowers upfront financial commitments, simplifies vendor management, and allows you to scale and upgrade hardware over time, future proofing your mobility solution.

With Social Mobile ONE, mobility deployments no longer require large capital expenditures. Instead, organizations can embrace mobility that is customized to their specific needs – taking advantage of a monthly fee per device.

A portrait of mobile phone with cover


The T5se is a lightweight handheld barcode scanner designed for enterprise use. Featuring an integrated Honeywell® scan engine, dedicated scan and Push-to-Talk buttons, and swappable external battery, this device was developed to be the future of retail mobility.

Dedicated Barcode Scanner
Integrated Honeywell® laser barcode scanner for proper 2D imaging, resulting in up to 40% faster pick times than consumer device camera systems and faster scanning in low lighting and extreme temperatures environments. Dedicated left and right side scan buttons for better ergonomics.

Dedicated Push-To-Talk (PTT) button compatible with all major PTT apps.

Expanded Battery
The T5se comes with both a 3000 mAh internal battery, and a 3000 mAh swappable external battery pack to stay powered all day.

GMS Certified
The T5se is Google Mobile Services certified, so you get Google Search, Chrome, YouTube, and the best of Google.

A mobile phone and cover portrait


Based on years of working with our customers, the PACE A1 has been produced to meet the recommended needs of enterprise with three core goals: devoid of bloatware with pure Android, second-to-none compatibility with Android Enterprise for modern management, and prioritization of security throughout the product. All of this in an affordable smartphone and all the accessories to hit the ground running.

Ready for Enterprise
A low-cost enterprise smartphone made for high-volume deployment across multiple industries – from healthcare to retail and more.

3 Year Lifecycle
The PACE A1 is guaranteed to be in production and available for a minimum of 3 years. Plus you get security updates the entire time.

GMS Certified
The PACE A1 is Google Mobile Services certified, so you get Google Search, Chrome, YouTube, and the best of Google.


Based on years of working with our customers, the T8 has been produced to meet the needs of enterprise with three core goals: devoid of bloatware with pure Android as Google intended it to be, second-to-none compatibility with Android Enterprise for modern management, and prioritization of security throughout the product. All of this in an affordable package with all necessary accessories to hit the ground running.

Android 10: Launched running Android Pie, with updates planned through Android R

MediaTek: Powered by MediaTek, a purpose-made SOC with extended support

3GB + 32GB: Enough storage for all dedicated use cases, and memory for reliable multitasking.


The M10p was designed to withstand a chaotic kitchen or retail environment. Its future proof design allows it to move from the back to the front of the restaurant and operate as the primary POS.

Based on years of working with our customers, the M10p has been produced to meet the needs of enterprise with three core goals: devoid of bloatware with pure Android as Google intended it to be, second-to-none compatibility with Android Enterprise for modern management, and prioritization of security throughout the product. All of this in an affordable package with all necessary accessories to hit the ground running.

10″ HD + IPS Touchscreen with adjustable viewing angles. High-decibel stereo speakers. Customizable LED strip to provide critical notifications. Google GMS Certified, 3-years availability and enterprise support, 90-day security updates.

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