Why more companies are using Mobile Device Management software.

Mobile Device Management software

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the administration of mobile devices via third-party software that has management and security features.

It can be used to ensure that all devices in a group or organization are configured identically and have the same set of applications and corporate policies.

Many companies turn to Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to help reduce support costs and risk by enabling IT/Admin at a company to have remote control over all their deployed devices. If a user loses their device, it can be wiped so that confidential data is not compromised, and it can lower the per-device wireless spend by locking down the handset or tablet to only do functions that are needed.

MDM also provides data security that alerts if a user attempts to jailbreak or root a smartphone or tablet. By limiting devices to approved websites and apps, it reduces exposure to malware.

Companies can update equipment, applications, functions, or policies in a scalable manner through MDM. Users or devices can easily be added or removed, and it ensures that applications are used in a consistent and supportable manner. New policies, rules, and updates can be revised in the MDM profile and pushed out over the air to all devices in the field.

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Mobile Device Management providers

MDM providers

We work with many different MDM companies, each with a unique offering.

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