T-Mobile for BusinessPartner Program

Converge IoT is a leading National Distributor and Primary Agent for the T-Mobile For Business Partner Program, offering a fantastic opportunity. T-Mobile’s extensive 5G coverage across the nation is drawing in more business customers, making this the perfect time to join our program. We provide generous upfront commissions and ongoing residuals for new activations.

Our dedicated Converge Partner Teams are here to assist you at every step, from a smooth onboarding process as a T-Mobile partner to handling device procurement, providing operational support, and ensuring efficient fulfillment services. Plus, we’re known for delivering commissions quickly!

Whether you’re a TEM, Master Agent, VAR, Individual Agent, or in a similar role working with business clients in need of T-Mobile services, don’t wait. Reach out to us today, and let us guide you through the onboarding process, so you can start earning commissions promptly through the strong partnership between Converge IoT and T-Mobile for Business!

Converge IoT guides partners through the evolving T-Mobile for Business Program, keeping them updated for success.
Converge IoT boosts partners’ success by actively promoting and driving leads to support their efforts in the T-Mobile for Business channel.
Quality vs Quantity
Converge IoT’s approach is about quality, not quantity, as we strategically onboard top-tier partners to prevent overlap and competition within our network.
We ensure fast and accurate commissions and work diligently to resolve any issues that may arise to secure your rightful compensation in every deal.

Converge IotHardware + Software Sourcing

At Converge IoT, sourcing is made easy, whether you’re a direct Sub-Agent/Partner or partnered with a different Distribution Partner. Our sourcing strategy is straightforward: the more volume we handle with our OEM Partners, the better discounts we secure, and these savings are passed on to you.

We provide a wide range of cutting-edge technology, including 4G/5G Routers, Mobile Device Management Software, Handsets, Tablets, Hotspots, LTE Cameras, whether they’re brand new or Certified Pre-Owned. Our commitment is to ensure you have access to the latest technology at competitive prices.

But our expertise goes beyond procurement. We offer professional services to streamline the implementation and management of your wireless solutions, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

With Converge IoT as your partner, you can trust that your wireless technology needs will be met efficiently and effectively.
Additional Services Offered
Stock, Distribute and Dropship
Stage & Kitting
Professional Installation
Ongoing Managed Services


ETMA Members: Get 15% OFF MSRP on Cradlepoint and Inseego!*
*(Excluding software renewals)

5g/4g Routers


Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

Many companies often seek Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) devices as a cost-effective solution. With our extensive 25 years of experience in sourcing CPO devices, you can trust us to provide the quality and savings you need. Simply send us your requirements, and our dedicated CPO Sourcing Specialists will promptly get in touch with you to assist in finding the perfect CPO devices for your needs.

Priority Dialtone

Manley Solutions delivers Priority Dialtone service, the ultimate communication solution for businesses and organizations that demand uninterrupted connectivity in critical situations.

Our cutting-edge network prioritization technology guarantees that your essential calls are given top priority, ensuring unwavering and resilient communication, even during high-demand or emergency situations.

Bid farewell to communication interruptions and welcome enhanced safety, improved emergency response, and seamless operations. Opt for Priority Dialtone service by Manley Solutions and discover the strength of reliable communication precisely when you need it most. 


Introducing Priority Dialtone for Telecom Expense Management [TEM] organizations, a series of packages designed with benefits for you and your clients.


Earn $50 per line
By referring customers to Manley’s communication platform


Referral and Residual at 3%
Receive $50 per line for successful referrals, plus 3% recurring commission on the total usage of referred lines


Earn 10% Residual

Earn a generous 10% commission on the total usage of referred lines; no need for referrals!

Experience America’s largest and fastest5G network

T-Mobile’s 5G network is the fastest and most reliable network in the country, making it the perfect choice for fixed wireless applications.

Take a look at these statistics from to understand why T-Mobile’s 5G network is the best choice for your fixed wireless needs:
T-Mobile 5G Coverage in the US. [Source:]

Get T-Mobile Connectivity to support all your business needs

Fixed Wireless Internet
Mobile Internet
Connected Dash Cameras
Fleet & Asset Tracking
IoT Plans

latest T-Mobile Offers

FW2000e GlamourFW2000e Glamour
FW2000e BackFW2000e Back
FW2000_bottom angleFW2000_bottom angle
FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)
FW2000 on bracket_rear angleFW2000 on bracket_rear angle
FW2000 on bracket_backFW2000 on bracket_back

Inseego FW2000e

MSRP: $1,439.00


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