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T-Mobile for Business Partner Program

– with Converge IoT –

Converge IoT is a Primary Agent, also referred to as a National Distributor for the T-Mobile For Business Partner Program.  It is no secret that T-Mobile is leading the way with their nationwide 5G Coverage, and that more and more business customers are looking to T-Mobile. 

This means now is the best time to join the T-Mobile Partner Program.  This program allows Sub-Agent Partners of all types to participate in various sales motions and to team with T-Mobile for Business nationwide sales force to deliver complete solutions to customers powered by the T-Mobile leading 5G Network.

As a T-Mobile Primary Agent, Converge IoT’s role is to sign-up, and onboard new partners into the T-Mobile Partner program.  In addition we work closely with our Partners to help align and promote you and your solutions with the various business segment teams, and Partner Solutions teams. We leverage various marketing tools and our years of experience working with carrier Partner Programs to give you an excellent Partner experience. 

The program allows Partners of all different types to leverage the T-Mobile wireless portfolio of solutions, value added services, and business connections with the power of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G Network Coverage, Value and Support. All connectivity types are supported from Voice, Text, Data, Fixed Wireless, Mobile Internet, and IoT.

Partners can earn One Time Commissions as well as Residuals for new activations generated through teaming with T-Mobile For Business.


Simply put, T-Mobile believes that when a business takes advantage of this partnership opportunity, you are better together. Commissions, engineering support and enhanced margins through the T-Mobile reseller program are among the valuable rewards from which you will benefit with Converge IoT facilitating your partnership experience. As a T-Mobile Platinum Primary Agent, we won’t just help you get started — we’ll stay invested in ensuring a successful partnership.


Sales Motions

Partner Teaming

  • Work directly with the nationwide T-Mobile for Business salesforce across all business segments. Often, Partners are needed to complement T-Mobile 5G Connectivity with cellular enabled hardware, software, professional services, and solutions to meet each business’s objectives.  In these scenarios T-Mobile for Business direct sellers can engage with a T-Mobile Partner to deliver a complete solution to meet the customer’s needs.

Partner Generated

  • Do you have a base of existing customers that you would like to bring to T-Mobile? This could be a customer you work with today in some compacity or simply as a trusted advisor. The T-Mobile Partner program allows Partners to bring customers into T-Mobile and provide the tools and support needed to successfully get them set up with T-Mobile service. 

Business Segments

• Small to Medium Size Businesses
• Mid-Market Businesses
• Enterprise
• Strategic
• Government/Public Sector

Partner Types

• Value Added Hardware Resellers
• Value Added Software Resellers
• Master Agents
• Individual Agents
• Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Providers
• Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
• Managed Service Providers (MSP)
• Custom Solution Providers

why converge iot

We Invest
in Our Partners

This means taking time to understand your unique offerings and promoting you to the right audiences to generate the type of leads you want to receive. Your objectives become our objectives. We are all in, because when you succeed, we succeed.


Converge IoT has the expertise to guide and advise partners through the T-Mobile for Business Program. One constant you can expect to see is ‘change.’ We stay on top of the latest and greatest updates in the program and make sure we communicate them to our partners, so you are always in the best position to be successful.


The most successful partners are invested in the T-Mobile for Business channel and put out the effort to promote themselves and their solutions to direct reps, leadership, sales engineers and direct customers. Converge IoT supplements those efforts by promoting and driving leads to our partners. The combined approach results in continuous success for our partners.

Quality vs Quantity

While some distributors take an email blast approach to onboard as many partners as possible to their program, we do things a little differently. At Converge IoT, it is not about how many partners we have in our network, but about having the right mix of diverse partners who are experts in their fields. We take a strategic approach to onboard best-in-class partners and try to avoid overlap and competition within our partner network.


We like to think we pay commissions as fast and accurately as any distributor in the program. We take it a step further and fight on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for every deal. It is always easy when things go right, but as we know, things can go sideways, or a compensation can get missed. We diligently fight for every single line of credit on your behalf.

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