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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a type of broadband internet connection that uses radio waves to transmit data between a customer’s premises and a nearby cell tower. It is a viable alternative to traditional wired broadband services, such as cable or DSL, in areas where wired infrastructure is not available or reliable.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable internet connection, Converge IoT can help you find the best fixed wireless solution for your business needs.

how can fwa benefit my business?

Primary Fixed Wireless

FWA can be used as a primary internet connection for homes and businesses that do not have access to wired broadband. FWA is a reliable and affordable option for businesses and homes in rural areas or areas with poor wired infrastructure.

Failover Connections

FWA can also be used as a failover connection in case of a power outage or other disruption to the primary internet connection. FWA is a fast and reliable backup connection that can keep businesses and homes up and running even when the primary connection is down.

Fixed Wireless for Businesses of


Keep students connected and learning, even when they are not in the classroom.


Improve communication and collaboration between healthcare providers, while providing better patient care.


Improve efficiency, productivity, and protect sensitive data.


Keep your business running and POS systems working, even during power outages or other disruptions.


Stay connected and improve security by providing a more reliable and secure connection than traditional wired networks.


Allow guests to stay connected through a fast and reliable fixed wireless connection.

Experience America’s largest and fastest 5G network

T-Mobile’s 5G network is the fastest and most reliable network in the country, making it the perfect choice for fixed wireless applications.

Take a look at these statistics from to understand why T-Mobile’s 5G network is the best choice for your fixed wireless needs:
T-Mobile 5G Coverage in the US. [Source:]

featured oems

Converge IoT offers a wide range of fixed wireless solutions from featured OEMs, which are leading manufacturers of fixed wireless equipment. These OEMs have a proven track record of providing quality fixed wireless solutions to businesses of all sizes, and they offer a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of any business.

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Converge IoT has extensive experience supporting solutions that rely on cellular routers.

Whether integrating into existing infrastructure for LTE failover, standing up new environments with a cellular-enabled edge networking appliance, or deploying connectivity for fixed and/or mobile IoT operations, we are readily available to assist with your next wireless project.

For every potential cellular use case there are even more potential routers that could function as relevant hardware. While device specifications are easy to identify, understanding the long-term value proposition for a particular deployment requires expertise. Sales engineers from equipment manufacturers will be quick to assure that their product meets all requirements, which may be true, however it only makes sense to turn to a third party when investigating what fits best.

Resellers, integrators, managed service providers, and other organizations that interface directly with end users as well as hardware OEMs inevitably have a more complete perspective when assessing options and determining alternatives. Converge IoT excels at recognizing, evaluating and innovating when working with clients to ensure our collaborations yield best-in-class results.

Connections Matter
Our reseller relationships have been selected to offer a comprehensive lineup of LTE routers. The resulting portfolio of cloud-managed, cellular networking equipment can be leveraged to meet challenges across a wide variety of verticals and use cases. At Converge IoT, we pride ourselves on taking an active role in identifying requirements and presenting compelling hardware options from industry leaders.

Multiple Ethernet connection 5G

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Key Verticals:


FW2000e GlamourFW2000e Glamour
FW2000e BackFW2000e Back
FW2000_bottom angleFW2000_bottom angle
FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)
FW2000 on bracket_rear angleFW2000 on bracket_rear angle
FW2000 on bracket_backFW2000 on bracket_back

Inseego FW2000e

MSRP: $1,439.00


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