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Mobile Device Management Providers

Some of our top Mobile Device Management providers include:

MDM use cases

  1. Covid Testing Sites
  2. Amazon DSP
  3. ELD
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. In-Vehicle/Remote Point of Sale
  6. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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MDM Case Studies

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About Client: Client provides virtual health management (telehealth) for patients and connects them to their clinical care team through a web-based application.

Challenges: Client utilizes a low-cost tablet to run their proprietary application in conjunction with a medical device within the patients’ homes. Client does not want to rely on the patients’ in-home Wi-Fi to connect the tablet, and does not want patients to access applications other than their application and the camera for video conferencing.
Equipment/Software: Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Samsung Knox Manage MDM, military-grade cases, and First Call Wireless managed services.

Solution Highlights: Client previously selected the Samsung Tab E and tested this model in the field. This model can be sourced continuously, and newer models can be used as a substitute if supply runs low (i.e. Samsung Tab A). Client requirements for the MDM profile were minimal and could have utilized a simple low-cost MDM; but because of HIPAA compliance, client opted for Samsung Knox Manage.

Results Highlights: Client’s initial deployment of 200 devices is currently taking place. Client has a projected volume of 300-400 devices deployed per month, and will require reverse logistics from First Call Wireless when patients are done using the medical device.

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COVID-19 testing sites

About Client: Client is on the front lines daily providing rapid COVID-19 tests and helping local communities across the U.S. stay safe. Results are sent through a HIPAA compliant software to a CLIA-certified lab with a certificate of negative status.

Challenges: Each testing location has three to five employees who use tablets. Early on, employees were using Wi-Fi-enabled lower-end tablets with hotspots to provide COVID-19 testing and to take payments. With the amount and type of data being transmitted, there was worry about security, battery issues on both the tablets and hotpots, and connecting each tablet to the hotspot during the day. The tablets also had ineffective cameras and were running slow due to multiple applications running in the background. It was difficult to manage tablets in the field, troubleshoot, track, monitor, secure, and deploy in an efficient way.
Equipment/Software: Samsung Tab A LTE, Scalefusion MDM, and First Call Wireless managed services.

Solution Highlights: First Call Wireless provided a fix to Client’s daily frustrations with quality Samsung Tab A tablets and Scalefusion MDM software. They also took over the deployment of the tablets to include asset tagging and reporting, provide pre- and post-sales support and device life cycle, and continue to manage Client’s devices in the field across the U.S.

Results Highlights: First Call Wireless now can log in to each tablet, push new applications, remove applications, check the battery life, signal strength, and track all tablets via the Scalefusion MDM platform. This has allowed Client to focus more on their daily duties by helping people get tested. Now the tablets can only function for business purposes with their approved apps, thus helping with the battery life, security, monitoring, and resolving issues fast and effectively.


About Client: Client is a leading merchandising company servicing over 70,000 retail locations in the USA. They support retail partners with merchandising services including stocking and restocking shelves, counting inventory, and building product displays.

Challenges: Client utilizes contract associates that travel to big box retail locations throughout the U.S. Client requested a low-cost handset that utilized MDM to secure the device while allowing access to a list of approved websites and apps that their associates use in the field.

Equipment/Software: Samsung J3 Prime and J3 Star handsets, Samsung Knox Manage MDM, military-grade cases, and First Call Wireless managed services.

Solution Highlights: Client required a low-cost device that could be purchased continuously in bulk, so our partner, First Call Wireless, recommended Samsung J3 handsets. After testing multiple MDMs, it was decided Samsung Knox worked best with Samsung devices and the applications associates used in the field. Client also needed to deploy devices to associates in the field and required post-deployment support. Each device is individually drop shipped by our partner to the end user. Client has a designated email and support number for end users and our partner also manages reverse logistics of damaged devices and former employees.

Results Highlights: Since October 2019, over 4,000 handsets and 250 tablets have been deployed, and Client began utilizing First Call Wireless for cellular-connected hardware outside the scope of the initial MDM project.

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Mobile Workforce

About Client: Client is a national carrier of specialized cargo, moving predominantly service-sensitive freight in state-of-the art dry vans or reefers for frozen and chilled commodities. They have developed a growing customer base that requires prompt reliable service when time is of the essence.

Challenges: Client has a fleet of 250 customs bonded and Haz-Mat certified trucks. Cargo is usually of high-value and client wants added security and safety measures.
Equipment/Software: Alcatel Joy tablet, 42Gears MDM, and a stationary mount.

Solution Highlights: Client is utilizing our partner, Fleet Hoster, for trailer trackers, asset trackers, cold chain trackers, and dash cams. The solution requires a mounted tablet in the haul of the truck to monitor each component. Converge IoT sourced the mount directly from the manufacturer for additional cost savings, and deployed 250 tablets over a 14-day period. Deployment was staggered as to not overwhelm the installers. Client requires help-desk support for truckers in the field.

Results Highlights: 1101 lines of service (at least 845 on Sell-With), 256 dashcams with two aux cameras each (provided by Fleet Hoster), 236 trailer trackers (provided by Fleet Hoster), 97 reefer cold chain trackers (provided by Fleet Hoster), 256 Geotab vehicle trackers (provided by carrier), and 256 tablets provisioned by Converge IoT.

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