About Us

Converge IoT is a national distributor of 4G/5G LTE
hardware, software and connectivity.


Converge IoT is a National Sales Partner for T-Mobile.

At Converge IoT, we are known for going the extra mile for our customers and partners by putting the IoT pieces together to build solutions that benefit all parties. Converge IoT delivers value across the T-Mobile Sell-With program by working with our partners to create carefully crafted bundles that drive carrier-initiated sales opportunities and help VARs, integrators and agents offer complete solutions to their base of clients.

Converge IoT is led by Mark Savage, a 15-year wireless veteran with experience working with MVNO, MVNE, direct carrier, OEM, VAR, integrator, and direct customer relationships.

Company Leadership

Dionna Savage


Mark Savage


Jason Dorough


Miranda Sundquist

Sales Operations

Liz Abella

Marketing Manager

Nicole Motely

Commissions Analyst