Converge IoT has relationships with the leading manufacturers for LTE hardware.

New and Certified Pre-Owned

We offer access to new and certified pre-owned hardware for either capital or operational billing models.

What is certified pre-owned?

Certified pre-owned is common terminology when selling and sourcing (not new) secondary market product. To ease any apprehension you might have about buying certified pre-owned devices, our partners take the approach of thoroughly testing each device and providing their own hardware warranty of 90 to 180 days based on the model. Typically new OEM equipment carries a 1-year warranty. Prices of certified A-stock can be as much as 20-70% below new MSRP which can provide significant savings. You can trust Converge IoT for all your certified pre-owned product needs.

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Hardware for Business Solutions

LTE Routers

Our Router Picker-Outer offers solutions for your next wireless project, whatever it may be.

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Hotspots and USB modems

Portable devices to keep you connected on the go.

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Handsets and Tablets

New and CPO options to support your business and stay within your budget.

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Rugged cases, power banks, vehicle mounts and more.

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