Hotspots and USB Modems

Flexible and portable LTE connectivity.

Hotspots and USB modems

Hotspots and USB modems offer low-maintenance cellular solutions for simpler use cases and connectivity on the go.

These devices provide LTE network access without the full suite of enterprise features, which means greater cost savings for simple connectivity applications, including the ability to run mobile point-of-sale systems and digital signage.

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Featured Hotspots and USB Modems

Inseego M2000

  • Leading-edge 5G and 4G LTE performance.
  • Best-in-class data speeds and low-latency responsiveness.
  • Ability to connect up to 30 devices at once over Wi-Fi 6.
  • Fast, private and dedicated connection.


Franklin T9

  1. Simultaneously supports 15 device connections through built-in Wi-Fi AP.
  2. Advanced LTE technology and multi band support deliver seamless wireless data connection whenever needed, wherever it goes.
  3. OLED display with unique icons and text panel provide easy-to-recognize device service.
  4. Stylish pocket-sized and semi-rugged design make it easy to carry around anywhere.



Global Telecom Netstick

  1. Advanced 4G capabilities.
  2. Multi-band & multi-mode (FDD & TDD) support.
  3. Full IPv4 & IPv6 and multiple PDN support.
  4. Advanced built-in router software & host-less operation.

Inseego MiFi 8000

  1. Ultra-fast 4G LTE with gigabit-class download speeds.
  2. All-day power with a long-lasting, quick-charging battery.
  3. Reliable connections for work, play and collaboration, with
    support for up to 15 devices.
  4. Customizable, enterprise-grade security on your own private network.





  1. 4G LTE speeds with downloads up to 150Mbps and uploads up to 50Mbps ensure you stay quick and efficient.
  2. Supports LTE bands 2/4/5/12.
  3. Light and thin design is powerfully portable and enhanced by premium finishing.
  4. 1800mAh battery provides seven hours of continuous connectivity.
  5. Web interface lets you connect and manage up to 15 devices.
  6. LINK App provides remote control from smartphones and tablets.




Whoop Data Stick

  • Supports T-Mobile‚Äôs bands 66 and 71 for the best performing remote internet solution.
  • Connects computers, POS systems, digital signage, security devices, networking devices, and all other IoT equipment.