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Converge IoT works with one of the industry-leading screen signage providers whose cloud-based system revolutionizes the way businesses create and manage customer and employee experiences.

With this platform, it is easy for users to develop and distribute their brand content for optimal in-store and in-office experiences. Through app-based templates, users have all the necessary tools at their fingertips to create impactful presentations or educate their customers with informative and visually striking displays.

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Digital Signage Case Studies

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Digital signage for a restaurant chain

About Client: Client is a family-friendly burger chain restaurant. In 2011, they opened with one restaurant, and then quickly expanded to four locations. Business is booming, and a few years ago Client started looking to upgrade the restaurant’s technology to include digital menu boards and promotional displays.

Challenges: Client felt overwhelmed trying to bring technology into a restaurant that started with a chalkboard menu. In 2019, they did a full menu revision – something that would have been a
pain point if they were working with traditional menu boards.

Equipment/Software: Raydiant digital signage

Solution Highlights: Client can now create mouth-watering digital posters and brand videos of their burgers cooking, fries being hand cut, and shakes being scooped. These displays can stoke the appetite of customers waiting in line, while at the same time decreasing their perceived wait time. Instead of outdated sandwich boards and paper posters, Client’s menu is brought to life with bold HD and 4K onscreen imagery.

Results Highlights: Client now employs 21 Raydiant-enabled screens across their four locations. In addition to providing striking imagery, the digital signs help decrease customers’ perceived wait time (how long they think they’ve been waiting) by 35%, and have been proven to increase sales of promotional items – including add-ons, sides, and desserts – by up to 37%.

Digital signage for retail

About Client: Client is a growing sporting goods store that needed to open a larger facility and a second location.

Challenges: With Client’s business growth came a need for a digital signage solution that was both manageable and scalable for the multiple locations and in-store screens they employed. Staff found it difficult to find time to keep the screens updated, and so their on-screen messaging was often obsolete or outdated. Promotions for special events that passed or had been cancelled were often still being
displayed, and the store owners were tired of driving over an hour to the other location just to update the digital signage.

Equipment/Software: Raydiant digital signage

Solution Highlights: With Raydiant, Client can manage their messaging easily – creating, scheduling, and changing onscreen content via Raydiant’s secure, cloud-based system that’s accessible via any internet-enabled device.

Results Highlights: Client is now enjoying year three as a happy Raydiant customer, and they love the system’s innovative dashboard, which is being upgraded constantly with exciting new tools like a multi-screen option. Their customers also appreciate seeing real-time information that is relevant to them, such as news feeds, industry news, and local weather, which displays instantly on their screen without having to update it constantly.



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