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Akamai's Secure Internet Access Mobile 

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Akamai’s Secure Internet Access Mobile is a cybersecurity solution designed to provide secure internet access for cellular devices and private access to business applications and data, all without the need for client software installation or management. 

The product uses Asavie technology to provide strong security and control any mobile device with a subscriber identity module (SIM) and enable secure internet access, which is essential in protecting valuable mobile devices from the growing number of potential vulnerabilities. With the increasing number of mobile internet subscribers and IoT connections projected in the next few years, there is an urgent need for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity for their mobile devices.

By using Secure Internet Access Mobile, businesses can enable fully mobile workforces and secure “office anywhere” environments while also mitigating the risks associated with mobile device use.

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How Secure Internet Access Mobile Can Protect Your Business 

Financial Institutions

Solutions such as the Akamai enterprise threat protector help secure sensitive financial data, in turn helping banks, investment firms, and insurance companies meet evolving compliance requirements.

Technology Companies

From application development to IT service management, technology companies now handle everything from secure code to intellectual property. As a result, mobile access security is critical to mitigate potential security attacks.

Education Institutions

Schools have digitized student records, financial reports, and academic data to improve access and streamline operations. Secure mobile solutions help educational institutions track and manage this data on demand.

Consulting and Professional Services

Consulting and professional services act as third-party providers for businesses and individuals. As a result, sensitive data is regularly shared with these companies, making secure access a must-have.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

With supply chains becoming more complex, organizations need secure access tools capable of protecting everything from logistics data to production details to proprietary designs.

Retail and E-Commerce

Mobile access security solutions help retail companies protect customer payment information and secure inventory data from malicious actors.

Healthcare Providers

With electronic health records (EHRs) now part of day-to-day healthcare operations, organizations need mobile solutions that provide patient and provider access without compromising security.

Legal Firms

As e-discovery becomes commonplace in the legal industry, Akamai solutions can help ensure that client data and sensitive communications remain secure.

Government Agencies

Secure access enables government agencies to track and secure classified information and citizens’ personal data.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

As SMEs handle increasing volumes and varieties of data, secure mobile protection is critical for compliance and business growth.


We understand that businesses have diverse mobile network providers, and that the ability to use a security solution across different providers is important. That’s why Akamai designed Secure Internet Access Mobile to work with any SIM, including those from T-Mobile.

By using Secure Internet Access Mobile with a T-Mobile SIM, businesses can enjoy the benefits of secure internet access and private access to business applications and data, regardless of their mobile network provider. This flexibility allows businesses to use Secure Internet Access Mobile with all of their mobile devices, regardless of which mobile network provider they use.

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile network providers in the US, and this compatibility means that businesses can easily integrate Secure Internet Access Mobile into their mobile security strategy, without having to switch providers or change their existing mobile setup.

By using Secure Internet Access Mobile with a T-Mobile SIM, businesses can enhance the security of their mobile devices and data, improve compliance and productivity, and tap into new markets. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile security solutions and how they can benefit your business, regardless of your mobile network provider.

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