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Become a Partner

There are several ways that you can sell as a partner

The three main selling motions you’ll see are Sell-With, Sell Alone and Sell on Behalf of.

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Sales Models

Sell With

Collaborate with the T-Mobile for Business’ nationwide sales force in a B2B selling effort to fulfill hardware sourcing requests and receive a one-time activation commission.

  1. Bi-directional lead exchange.
  2. Opportunity to make margin selling cellular-enabled devices.
  3. Wholesale hardware sourcing advantages via Converge IoT.


Sell Alone

Earn a one-time activation bonus as well as residual commissions by signing up customers for T-Mobile for Business mobile internet plans or traditional voice/text/data plans.

  1. Great for businesses with loyal customer bases looking to add LTE wireless services.
  2. T-Mobile bills the end customer.


Sell on Behalf Of

Finally, a carrier that has found a way to eliminate channel conflict! In this program, you can sell to existing T-Mobile customers and both the partner and direct T-Mobile rep receive compensation.

  1. Deals are registered via your Partner Portal.
  2. Your assigned Channel Account Manager activates the lines.
  3. T-Mobile bills the end customer.
  4. You receive one-time activation compensation plus residual.