Converge IoT specializes in generating new solutions that
drive wireless networking initiatives for current and emerging
LTE applications.


Wireless and IoT are growing and expanding so fast that it’s hard to be an expert in everything.

In addition to developing solutions of our own to help you solve challenges within your organization, we lean on partners who have expertise in the solutions that will help you win business or answer a problem.

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5G internet connection demonstration

Key Solutions

5G solutions

Faster connect speeds to drive business intelligence.

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Fleet and asset tracking

LTE dash cams and asset tracking, Geotab integration, fleet telematics and fuel card integration.

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POTS replacement

The FCC is phasing out POTS lines by the year 2027. Upgrade today.

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Digital signage

LTE enabled media players for simple management of digital signage.

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Mobile point-of-sale systems

Easy-to-use software for iOS, Android, and other smart devices.

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FW2000e GlamourFW2000e Glamour
FW2000e BackFW2000e Back
FW2000_bottom angleFW2000_bottom angle
FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)
FW2000 on bracket_rear angleFW2000 on bracket_rear angle
FW2000 on bracket_backFW2000 on bracket_back

Inseego FW2000e

MSRP: $1,439.00