Cradlepoint as the SD-WAN

5G Convergence: Indoor, Outdoor, and SD-WAN, The Webinar Series (Part III)

Explore the Power of sd-wan in Our Upcoming Webinar!

Are you ready to revolutionize your network with a powerful SD-WAN solution? Join us for an informative webinar dedicated to “Cradlepoint as the SD-WAN,” with a special focus on the game-changing E3000 and E300 models. We’ll explore how to seamlessly combine the strengths of wireless and wireline into a single SD-WAN solution.

Discover the art of integrating premium wireless and wireline features into one powerful solution, all with the guidance of Cradlepoint, the undisputed leader in the Fixed Wireless industry. Dive into the world of integrated premium wireline features, explore T-Mobile’s 5G Network, including top Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) plan options, and learn how to harness the power of Captive Modems outside the data center. Plus, we’ll share best practices for selecting, deploying, and managing these cutting-edge devices.

Ready to elevate your network to new heights? Register now and embark on a journey to unlock the true potential of SD-WAN with Cradlepoint. We can’t wait to have you with us!

We will cover a variety of topics, including:


Michael Lee

Director of Sales
Converge IoT

Accomplished sales strategist with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and customer acquisition through strategic partnerships. Michael advanced Machine-to-Machine (M2M) ecosystems at Verizon and pioneered "Sell-With" partnerships. His contributions have redefined the landscape for technology resellers and elevated the industry standard. He is currently the Director of Sales at Converge IoT.

Scott Bennett

Executive Director

Dynamic sales leader with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Proven track record of driving sales and marketing initiatives, aligning goals, and developing solutions. Currently leads team of Carrier Development Managers at Cradlepoint, where he is responsible for driving the national execution of all day-to-day programs between Cradlepoint and T-Mobile.

Lee Brumagin

Solutions Engineer

Lee Brumagin is a veteran presales engineer at Cradlepoint. Lee has 15 years’ experience in presales as well as a stint as a sales-facing network engineer in retail. Within Cradlepoint Lee has been a SAM SE and Florida RAM SE for commercial as well as a mentor in the Offense program for new hire SEs. Lee is a native of Jacksonville, Florida with education from UNF among other technical schools.

Jerry Castellanos

Senior Solutions Engineer

Results-driven sales and certified cyber security professional with over 19 years of experience in telecommunications. Award-winning sales manager, engineer, small business owner, musician, and avid investor. Currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at T-Mobile, leading technical relationships with major brands and companies as a trusted advisor, sounding board, and business partner.

5G Convergence: Indoor, Outdoor, and SD-WAN

The Webinar Series

Making Indoor 5G A Reality

Explore indoor 5G in our past webinar with T-Mobile for Business and Cradlepoint. Unveil 5G integration secrets, Power over Ethernet’s value, and T-Mobile’s network strength. Dive into expert insights and real industry examples. Watch the replay now!

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Cradlepoint as the SD-WAN

Experience the future of networking with “Cradlepoint as the SD-WAN.” Unite wireless and wireline solutions seamlessly, leveraging the power of Cradlepoint. Explore T-Mobile’s 5G network strength, expert insights, and the game-changing potential of Converge IoT Professional Services.


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Cradlepoint as the SD-WAN
FW2000e GlamourFW2000e Glamour
FW2000e BackFW2000e Back
FW2000_bottom angleFW2000_bottom angle
FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)FW2000 on bracket_front angle (1)
FW2000 on bracket_rear angleFW2000 on bracket_rear angle
FW2000 on bracket_backFW2000 on bracket_back

Inseego FW2000e

MSRP: $1,439.00


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Making Indooor 5G a Reality

Join our speakers in a conversation where they unveil 5G integration secrets, Power over Ethernet’s value, and T-Mobile’s network strength. Dive into expert insights and real industry examples.